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A professional and comprehensive breakdown of your site UI/UX and design system.

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How The Critique will help your business

Find Hidden Issues
Optimize quickly
Find UX Friction
Improve Trust
Find A/B Test Ideas
Enable Higher Conversion

the insights

Professional Insights that reveal what is holding your site back.

Our UIUX critique is a holistic and tactical method to uncover hidden issues and opportunities to drastically improve your digital design and it’s effectiveness.

Overall Usability
Mobile Optimization
Search & Navigation
Clear & Simple Checkout
Web Accessibility
Trust & Perception
Clear & Simple User Journey


Shopping Flow
$ 3,500 

We want your customers to buy from you. But, it's a perilous journey. Is your offer clear? Can they easily use your site? What’s causing friction? You’re about to find out!

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Checkout Flow
$ 3,200 

A customer has added a product to the cart - congratulations! But, now we need to get them to complete their purchase. This Critique will reveal gaps and opportunities in your purchase path.

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Full Site
$ 5,800 

Get ready for lots of insights and actionable optimizations to improve your site’s effectiveness, usability, and presentation.

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Patch your leaking bucket.

User experience and design issues can be massive cracks in your sales funnel.

No matter how much traffic you pour into your site it will continue to leak until you patch or replace the site.

Our critique shows you how many patches you need, what to patch, how to quickly stop the leaks and help support your decisions as to what should come next.

“Their UI/UX review completely changed the game for both our marketing website and digital eCommerce product. We’re now implementing many of the recommendations that were made.”

Garrett Baxter, CEO Simustream

“This was the easiest redesign project I have ever been through.”

Jamila LaSante, MegaFood Director of Marketing

“It was truly you who understood our vision and brought it all to life.”

Erin Sesil, Brand Experience Manager, Babo Botanicals

“We feared the [redesign] project was going to be a monster and we'd have to drive most of the design decisions. It's hard to find people who can translate marketing needs into design but you were able to do it."

Adrien, SVP Babo Botanicals

Frequently Asked.

Can I customize The Critique to include specific pages?

If you choose a critique that includes a user flow/purchase path you may select the landing page of choice and the product of choice.

If you are looking for insights on just a single page, contact us.

How do I prioritize the insights?

We dont. We categorize them but allow you and your team to determine which insights are of immediate value to you based on your specifics business needs / timelines.

Which platforms is The Critique for?

The Critique is for any platform but because our insights go deep into usability and specific UI/UX functionality platforms that provide deep customization can benefit the most. Some customers, regardless of platform, like our critique because it reveals potential limitations within their current commerce platform and help them make a decision to upgrade or migrate.

How long until I receive the results?

The Critique is generally delivered within 3-4 weeks, but we can usually accommodate faster turnaround by request and a flat rush charge of $500 to cover prioritization.

Can you help implement the changes?

We work with development partners well versed in commerce platforms. We can refer you to these partners to execute on any technical or development work. Our studio can assist in UIUX initiatives, copywriting, and brand/marketing creative.

You are, simply, too close to your website to see what is holding customers back from taking action.